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*A lawyer cannot list practice areas in which the lawyer does not currently practice.
*Lawyer emails that contains information about the lawyer's fee must also disclose whether the client will be responsible for costs or any other expenses in addition to the fee. Communication which state that the lawyer's fee is contingent upon the outcome or that the fee will be a percentage of the recovery must also disclose whether the client will be responsible for costs if there is no recovery.
*An email cannot contain any image, sound, video or dramatization that is unduly manipulative. An email is unduly manipulative if it is “designed to solicit legal employment by appealing to a prospective client’s emotions rather than to a rational evaluation of a lawyer’s suitability to represent the prospective client.”
*Information regarding past results must be factually verifiable and cannot omit facts that would make the results misleading.
*A lawyer may not use a trade name that implies connection with a government agency or with a public or charitable legal services organization.
*If a lawyer other than the lawyer whose name or signature appears on the communication will actually handle the case or matter, the direct mail or email must include a reasonably prominent statement so advising the client.
*Only lawyers who are board certified in a particular area of the law can claim to be certified, board certified, specialists, experts, or other variations of those terms. Lawyers who are board certified can make that claim only in the area(s) of law in which they are certified. A law firm cannot claim certification, specialization, or expertise. A board certified lawyer must include the certifying organization and area of certification in an email in which the lawyer is claiming certification, specialization, or expertise.

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